Best Practices For Funding High Value Cases

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Attorney Funding for Mass Tort Litigation

Litigating mass tort cases is already costly and only getting more expensive. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are usually up against industry giants, which means they are out-resourced and out-financed from the start. Having the funding you need can ensure that you are able to fully represent every client that comes through your door.

At Best Call Funding, we offer flexible funding solutions for high-value cases. Our legal funding for attorneys can provide you with the steady capital you need to cover discovery costs, expert witness fees, office expenses, and more. Contact our office today at (888) 970-4207 to discuss how we can help fund your mass tort litigation.

Providing Financial Assistance for Mass Tort Firms

If you are an attorney that practices mass tort litigation, you know that these cases can take years to resolve. You have likely taken the case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you are absorbing all of the costs and all of the risks. 

At Best Call Funding, we offer legal funding for attorneys. We are industry leaders in mass tort litigation funding and can help you finance these high value cases. All financing is provided non-recourse to contingency fee attorneys and their clients.

If you are interested in mass tort litigation funding, consider these best practices:

Get the Flexible Financial Support You Need

One of the unique features of mass tort litigation is that the number of clients involved can grow exponentially over a short period of time. You could begin with a few clients and end up with hundreds of victims coming forward. 

Flexible financing allows you to receive the money that you need even as more clients join in the litigation. Our funding can help you manage costs while continuing to grow your firm. 

Ensure the Funding is Non-Recourse

In many mass tort cases, contingency fee attorneys take on an unbearable financial burden. They use their own money or firm money to cover all of the upfront costs of the litigation without a guaranteed outcome. If they lose, it can result in financial devastation. Contingency fee attorneys are often at a profound disadvantage compared to well-funded defendants.

With a non-recourse advance, attorneys are able to sustain lengthy litigation while still taking on more cases. We absorb the risk so that you can litigate the case without the financial burden. Attorney funding helps level the playing field against deep-pocketed defendants that generally benefit from prolonged litigation.

Follow Jurisdictional Requirements

Our funding is done in compliance with all jurisdictional requirements. We provide all of our financing agreements in writing with clear and transparent terms

In addition, we can provide you with the documentation you need to follow all state and local disclosure requirements. Following these rules and recommendations will protect yourself and your clients.

Get a Partner in Success

Attorney funding can prove critical in the successful outcome of high value cases. IIn mass tort litigation, costs can be unpredictable, spiraling out of control quickly as you vigorously represent the interests of your clients. 

You want to partner with a company you can trust who is a respected leader in the field. Best Call Funding are the experts in attorney funding and can help you achieve unparalleled results for your clients.

Apply Now for Mass Tort Litigation Funding

If you accept mass tort cases on a contingency fee basis and are interested in legal funding, contact Best Call Funding today. Apply now and get a response within 24 hours. Funding is fast, easy, and hassle-free.
Call (888) 970-4207 now to speak directly with a funding professional. We provide several types of financing for attorneys, including working capital lines, settled case funding, and pending case funding. Let us take on the risk so that you don’t have to. Get started today.

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