Waiting for an Injury Settlement? 5 Reasons to Get Legal Funding

Written by: Best Call Funding

How Pre-settlement Legal Funding Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

If you are hurt in an accident, you may be unable to work, making it difficult to pay your bills. Even in the most straightforward cases, it can take months or years for an injury lawsuit to resolve. Waiting for an injury settlement can put you and your family in a dire financial situation, forcing you to accept a low offer on your case.

At Best Call Funding, we understand the economic hardship created by an unexpected injury or wrongful death. We know that insurance companies use numerous tactics to delay settling a case, knowing that many injury victims cannot afford to wait for a fair settlement. We offer a financial solution for plaintiffs and their attorneys that helps to bridge the gap between accident and settlement. 

If you are waiting for a case settlement but need money now, contact our office today at (888) 970-4207. Get funding fast with our easy, three-step approval process.

1. Legal Funding Can Alleviate Financial Stress

The number one reason to consider legal funding if you are awaiting an injury settlement is that it can help alleviate financial stress. With Best Call Funding, you can receive the money you need now to pay for medical bills, rent, groceries, utilities, anything that you need. 

Insurance companies will no longer be able to pressure you into settling quickly for less than your case is worth simply because you need money. Attorneys can continue negotiating the case to obtain a more favorable outcome knowing that their client is not facing financial ruin while waiting for a settlement.

2. Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Can Help You Get the Treatment You Need

Too often, injury victims forego necessary treatment because they cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for the surgery. They end up going back to work sooner than they should because they need the money to pay for everyday living expenses. Legal funding helps to ensure that you receive the care you need to fully recover and allows you to take time off work to focus on getting better.

3. It Can Lead to a Larger Settlement.

By relieving the pressure to settle early, an attorney can focus on adding value to your case. The more value that your attorney can add, the larger your settlement may be in the end. Early insurance offers rarely fully compensate a person for their injuries and losses. The longer an attorney has to negotiate, the less likely you will end up having to accept an unfavorable offer.

4. It Is Not a Loan.

Legal funding is not a loan. You pay nothing out-of-pocket, and you do not have to worry about unexpected costs and fees. With Best Call Funding, money is repaid through an agreed-upon portion of your settlement. Pre-settlement legal funding helps you focus on your physical recovery while your attorney focuses on your financial recovery.

5. It’s Risk-Free, Fast, and Easy.

All legal funding provided by Best Call Funding is done risk-free. You pay no fees until you win your settlement. Our application process is easy, so that we get you the financial assistance you need fast.

Need Cash Fast While You Wait for a Settlement? Apply Today!

If you are waiting for an injury settlement but need money now, make the best call for you and your family. Call Best Call Funding at (888) 970-4207 or apply online to get started.

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